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Surindo DataSource

As long as the journey of SURINDO in marketing and social research, SURINDO DataSource has become a part SURINDO team as a supporting unit in handling data collecting and data processing for various researches. SURINDO DataSource will give you the correct, clean and reliable data in your precious time.


Qualitative Data Collecting
n FGD (Focus Group Discusion)
n In-depth Interview
n Semi In-depth Interview
n Investigation
n Quick Survey

Quantitative Data Collecting
n Questionnaire interview,
n Phone interview (polling)
n Inquiry
n Quick Survey

Secondary Data Collecting
n Media
n Browsing

Qualitative Data Transcript

FGD Room Rental

n Face to face (House to house and office to office) Interviews
n Mall Intercept
n Central location
n Telephone Interviews
n Mail Questionnaires
nConsumer Panels

Editing - Key-in-data - Cleaning Data - Data Processing - Data Analysis and Interpreting

n Team leaders coverage in big cities in Indonesia
n Networking in universities, mass media, advertising agencies, government, & others
In-depth interview & FGD room with one-way mirror
n Full time qualified programmer & analyst
n EDP facilities & expertise

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