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Surindo Social Research

Social Problems are easy to be seen, to be heard, and to be felt in day-to-day life, from newspaper, television, and people conversation. People more concern to the social issue, especially after the economic crisis in Indonesia remaining that social safety net in Indonesia are very minimum. Based on our intention to be involved in community development and increasing the quality of human being, SURINDO Social Research provides social-issues research services. Most of our social researches were cooperating with Government and International Institutions, as well as Non Government Organizations (NGOs)

Aspect Covered
n Family life
n Education
n Human Relation
n Human Behavior
n Environment
n Lifestyle
n Sexual Life
n Health
n Law enforcement
n Politics life
n Social work
n Communications
n Media Influences
n Industrial relations, etc

Social Studies
n Need Assessment Study
n The Evaluation of Program Study
n The Evaluation of Organization Study
n The Comparison Study
n Human Behavioral and Lifestyle Study
n Gender Study
n Adolescent Reproductive Health Study
n Industrial Relations Study
n Etc.

Some of SURINDO Social Research Products in Cooperation with Government and International Institutions, as well as Non Government Organizations (NGOs):

n "Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior with Respect to Consumption of Vitamin A Rich Food", Hellen Keller International, 1986

n "Assessment for The Short-Term and Long- Term Education and Training System for The Domestic and Overseas Program 1972-1986", BKKBN and USAID (US Agency for International Development), 1986

n "Social-Psychological Aspects of Protein Deficiency Among Children", Centre for Nutrition Research Development, 1987

n "Research in Centre for Population and Family Health Product", Columbia University New York, 1990.

n "The Evaluation of Demand Creation Activities in Support of Indonesia's Universal Salt Iodination (USI) Program", UNICEF, 1996.

n "Health and Prosperous Mother Movement Working Model, The Operational Study", BKKBN, 1998

n "Need Assessment on Reproductive Health Educations", National Education Department and World Bank, 2001.

n Some other studies

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