About Surindo

As the first national research company, Surindo had served many of its clients with various types of research projects. During more than 20 years of services, it had passed numerous difficult moments of the Indonesian business as well as the social environment.

But Surindo had always been able to overcome the obstacles to offer to our clients with the most effective and reliable services.

Surindo had maintained its own system capable of handling nationwide research projects. Surindo network covers major urban areas and beyond, with affiliates in all province all over Indonesia. In order to offer the most professional services, Surindo now establish several Business Units centers to Surindo client's specific needs.

Since its establishment in 1980, Surindo has accomplished more than 650 research projects assisting institutions from various sectors, Government as well as Private sectors, such as : media press, electronic including Television, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink Industries, Advertising Agencies, Airlines including Cargo Services, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Automotive, Property and Real Estate, Shopping Center and some other line of business.

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