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Surindo Marketing Research

Since 1980, Surindo has produced various marketing research projects that become the source of information in business and marketing.


Market Segmentation
n Psychographic, demographic and usage profiles
n Segmentation based on perceived product or service benefits

Product/Service Development
n New product testing
n Taste testing
n Identifying new market
nPotential user and buyer profiles

n Design criteria assistance (content, color, materials)
n Design evaluation
n Pack testing

n Price sensitivity analysis
n Price setting

n Communication problem diagnosis
n Communication concept testing
n Pre-launch advertising testing
n Post-launch evaluations
n Advertising recall and effectiveness
n Advertising, sponsorship, public relations tracking and monitoring
n Media selection
n Market segmentation and targeting strategies

Point of Sale
n Packaging effectiveness on shelf
n Brand effectiveness on shelf
n Customer service
n Sales techniques
n Signage
n Product display
n Sales personnel
n Brochures

n Channel selection (phone, store, direct mail and other options)
n Local area analysis
n Retail outlet location analysis

Performance Indicators
n Market share measurement
n Customer satisfaction
n Employee and shareholder attitude studies
n SWOT analysis
n Positioning
n Competitive analysis

Corporate image
n Public awareness and perceptions
n Image equity (corporate strengths and weaknesses)
n Perceptual mapping and multi-dimensional scaling
n Measuring gaps between public and staff perception


n Youth Pulse - Lifestyles of Indonesian Youth I (1984), II (1989), III (2000)
n Urban Lifestyle Study I (1988), II (1994), III (2002)
n Print Media (1989)
n Banking Study (1992)
n Television Audiences Habits & References Study (1998)
n Bank Image Study (1998)


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