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SIARS (Surindo Institute of Applied Research)

SIARS is one of Surindo's divisions that offer education and training services. The services has started since Surindo was established, but now SIARS is more focusing in the field of education in preparing and developing the quality of human resources in anticipating the growth and changes of the new era.

The main goals of this institution of education is to educate and produce professionals in the field of research, in practice which includes social research, consumer research, industrial research, market research, marketing, management, communication and sales.

In generally the goals of this institute of education is to educate and produce professionals with expert skills to achieve high productivity, efficiency, creativity, innovative, and has highly responsibility in the sector of practical skills, marketing, management, sales technique, etc.

Learning Method
n Active Training
n Dynamic
n Theory 30 % - Practice 70%
n Job Training Opportunity
n Certificate
n Practical Hand-out and Easy Learning

n Comfortable Class Room
n Within easy reach of location

n Expertise Practitioners


A. Research Training
n Marketing Research
n Moderator and Focus Group Evaluation
n Research Data Application
n Tools and Technique of Data Analyzing
n Research Methodology
n Interpretation and Tabulation Data Research
n SPSS Education

B. Management and Organization Training
n Management Risk in Organization
n Team & Leadership
n Problem Solving
n Conflict Management

C. Communication Presentation & Human Relations Training
n Productive Communication
n Media Strategy
n Technique of Interview
n Technique of Presentation
n Customer satisfaction
n Marketing Communication Planning

D. Sales Training
n Salesmanship
n Sales Promotion Girl
n Sales Area Coverage
n Telemarketing

E. Marketing Training
n Basic Marketing
n Marketing Plan & Strategy
n Brand Management
n Product Portfolio
n Product Movement
n Segmentation

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