Surindo HR-Consult

The HR-Consult is one of Surindo Business Unit that provides services in Human Recourses Development.

The scope of HR-consult services includes:

Psychological Assessment
n Bank Data Personal
n HR consultation
n HR Survey

The Type of Category of services :
n Psychological Assessment:
Potential Assessment
Assessment Centre

n Bank Data Personal:
Middle & High Level permanent Staff
Low level (Temporary or Permanent Employee)

n HR Consultation:
Job description analysis
Performance Appraisal

n HR Survey:
Job satisfaction

And other related or tailor made services according to client’s need

The HR-Consult Process

The Expertise:

Industrial Psychology and Management background, experienced of handling more than 60.000 candidates in more than 20 years of services, for various types of Businesses: Media; Banks; Pharmaceutical; Foods & Beverages; Cosmetics & Toiletries; Etc…

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